Vineyards planted to achieve quality

One of the principal assets of the winery are the quality of its vineyards, fruit of the new generation which was planted, i.e. those with clones, vine density, and training systems matched to the sites and soils of the wines intended to be produced. The quality of the grapes which are grown is always the best obtainable in a given vintage, and the size of the vineyard surface available gives the winery the possible to select the better grapes of the overall crop.

Vineyard management which gives the maximum attention to ecological sustainability

The decisions on the management of the vineyards aim at the maximum respect for the delicate balance which nature, over time, has created in this spot. The basis of the work us the so-called “integrated defense” which consists of a limited use of sulfur and copper to combat vine diseases and the use no more than two or three times per year of substances which enter into the vine’s circulatory system. Leaf removal has replaced the use of anti-rot and anti-mould preparations, and weed killers are utilized only when absolutely indispensable. Fertilizers are solely organic, calf and lamb manure, and the pruning is done with electrical shears recharged with the photovoltaic energy produced directly by the estate.