The passion for olive oil require much care and attention

The passion for olive oil of the Gaslini Alberti family is equalled only by that for wine. For this reason, the estate has invested in a state-of-the- art oil mill in order to be certain of the methods and timing of the milling of the crop. The mill will not only serve the estate’s needs but will be open to other producers, be they private growers or other farming estates, a service on behalf of the quality of the territory’s olive oil of fundamental strategic importance.

Olive oil


Extra-virgin olive oil: the true kind

Extra-virgin is of fundamental importance for the Mediterranean diet (considered part of the patrimony of humanity by UNESCO) , and perhaps for this reason there are, on the market, a host of low-quality imitations which are, accordingly, very low in price as well. The Badia a Morrona extra-virgin olive oil is the fruit of a selection of typical Tuscan olive varieties (Frantoio, Moraiolo, and Leccino), of a minimum lapse of time between picking and milling, and of a careful control of temperatures during the working of the fruit. The very high quality level achieved is expensive, production costs are high, but a true extra-virgin olive oil can only be produced with these criteria.


Extra-virgin olive oil

Olive varieties

Frantoio, Moraiolo, Leccino

Training systems

Trained to a vase or mono-cone shape


By hand in late October and early November


With temperature control


In stainless steel containers at a temperature of 61° Fahrenheit (16° centigrade)


3 grams per liter

Tasting notes

  • Green in color with light golden highlights
  • Aromas of ripe olive fruit with hints of almonds, full and balanced in flavor, slightly spicy and piquant

Home storage

Away from light at temperatures between 54° and 68° Fahrenheit (12°-20° centigrade) and with a humidity of 70-80%

To consume

Within 18 months  of the date of bottling

Available formats

o.75 liters – 5 liters


A dark green bottle