The winery

A great family winery firmly rooted in the territory in which it works.

Sangiovese is the princely grape variety of Tuscany and, accordingly, of this part of the region, where the production of wine goes all the way back to Etruscan times. For this reason, over half of the estate’s 275 acres (110 hectares) of vineyards are planted precisely to this grape, among the most difficult of all to cultivate but which gives some of the world’s most interesting wines. In Tuscany, thanks to the incomparable terroir which it enjoys, grapes such as Cabernet, Syrah, and Merlot find excellent growing conditions as well and give wines of much personality. There are no science-fiction types of  gadgets in the cellars, only equipment which effectively serves for the purpose of extracting the maximum which the vineyard has been able to transmit to the grapes.

Badia di Morrona for sustainability

The cellars enjoy an apparatus of plant purification of its water which can then be utilized for irrigation and washing. Cellar practices aim at a minimization of fining agents and, in any case, those which could transmit allergies (those based on milk or eggs) are never used. Sulfites are also reduced to a minimal use thanks to the aging of the wines – aging either in oak or stainless steel –  on their fine lees in order to assure a natural protection against oxidation.



…an estate with many faces

Ever since 1939, when the Gaslini Alberti family purchased the property, the Badia A Morrrona estate has been managed with farsighted entrepreneurial ability.  The vineyards have been replanted, the production techniques constantly updated and improved, and the cellars restructured, enlarged and re-equipped with new casks and barrels. The estate produces wine and olive oil, offers five different structures for rural hospitality, a restaurant, and the use of the monastery itself – which goes all the way back to the year 1089 – for all sorts of events and ceremonies.


Gaslini Alberti-tagliato intero

…an estate for which the family takes a personal responsibility 

The Badia a Morrona is a very important productive  reality for the province of Pisa both in terms of the property’s economic significance and of the wines themselves. It is a responsibility which Gaslini Alberti family is well aware of. And for this reason they have decided that the symbol of the estate will be the family coat of arms itself. It is they who will guarantee for consumers the quality of the production, be it of wine, olive oil, or the reception of guests in the cellars and in the rural hospitality facilities.


Badia di Morrona cantina_2