A grand family estate…

1500 total acres (600 hectares) of land, some 282 of which (110 hectares) planted to vineyards, 100 (40 hectares) to olive groves, and the rest grain fields and woods. Facilities for rural hospitality created by a careful and tasteful restructuring and renovation of old country farmhouses and now capable of hosting a total of 130 guests. These are the numbers of a complex property, but one which the Gaslini Alberti family runs the with passion and professionalism of true entrepreneurs: exactly what they are.



…an estate with many faces

Ever since 1939, when the Gaslini Alberti family purchased the property, the Badia A Morrrona estate has been managed with farsighted entrepreneurial ability.  The vineyards have been replanted, the production techniques constantly updated and improved, and the cellars restructured, enlarged and re-equipped with new casks and barrels. The estate produces wine and olive oil, offers five different structures for rural hospitality, a restaurant, and the use of the monastery itself – which goes all the way back to the year 1089 – for all sorts of events and ceremonies.



…an estate rooted in its home territory

One of the major strengths of the estate is the quality of its vineyards, the direct result of a replanting based on superior clones, higher vine density, and training systems studied on the basis of the type of soil and the type of wine which was intended to be produced. The quality of the grapes is regularly the maximum that the growing season permits, and the sheer size of the vineyard surface itself allows the property to rigorously select the grapes to be used.



…an estate for which the family takes a personal responsibility 

The Badia a Morrona is a very important productive  reality for the province of Pisa both in terms of the property’s economic significance and of the wines themselves. It is a responsibility which Gaslini Alberti family is well aware of. And for this reason they have decided that the symbol of the estate will be the family coat of arms itself. It is they who will guarantee for consumers the quality of the production, be it of wine, olive oil, or the reception of guests in the cellars and in the rural hospitality facilities.



…an estate which produces terroir wines

Sangiovese is Tuscany’s principal grape variety, and this is also the case in this part of the region, where wine has been produced ever since the Etruscan epoch. For this reason, over half  of the 282 acres (110 hectares) of vineyards are planted precisely to this variety, difficult to cultivate but one with which some of the world’s most interesting and original wines are made. In Tuscany, thanks to the incomparable soils with which the region is endowed, grape varieties such as Cabernet, Syrah, and Merlot also find a hospitable environment and give wines of much character and personality. No science fiction-type of equipment is involved, the cellars contain only that which is strictly necessary and is utilized merely to draw forth the maximum which the soil has managed to transmit o the grapes.

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